“Super Fat Burning System” Supplement from Dollar General?

Question by babyface729: “Super Fat Burning System” Supplement from Dollar General?
I’m 5’5″ & about 125lbs. This may be considered a healthy weight, but the weight is mostly in my belly & sides (love handles). I bought a bottle of fat burning pills from dollar general called “super fat burning system”. The directions are to take 2 tablets before a meal with a glass of water on an empty stomach. It doesn’t specify if you do this before every meal or once a day. Has anyone taken these specific supplements & does it actually work? I know they’re generic & cheap but i thought i would atleast give it a shot.

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Answer by Sung Choi
I advise you instead to take an”exercise” pill. It’s even free.

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3 Responses to ““Super Fat Burning System” Supplement from Dollar General?”

  • steven says:

    OMG! lol!! please, you can’t be that fat…

    Chill out, taking dietary supplements is not a good idea. Good ol’ hard work and sweat without the use of outside supplements is the healthiest way. Good luck, fatty.

    Just kidding by the way, you’re anything but fat.

  • Lyds Marie says:

    the only way to truly lose pounds and get in shape is to eat healthy and workout.

  • Atlanta Georgia says:


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