Do vpx meltdown fat burner pills work?

Question by dah86: Do vpx meltdown fat burner pills work?
I am interested in taking vpx fat burning pills and I would like some feedback from people that have taken it or have known people that have taken it. Did it actually work?

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2 Responses to “Do vpx meltdown fat burner pills work?”

  • david says:

    when i was actually hardcore dieting i saw fantastic results with VPX Meltdown, i lift pretty intensely and love to eat insane amounts of food and im only 5’2, i started my diet without any fat burner just took away all carbs except breakfast and post workout
    Meal 1 – 3 whole eggs, 1 scoop of proteing and oats mixed and cooked into pancakes
    meal 2 and 3 – 6 oz turkey with 2 cups broccoli
    Meal 4 60g protein shake(preworkout)
    Meal 5 dark matter (post workout bcaas, glutamine, waxy maize, creatine)
    Meal 6 5 eggs
    i dropped about 2 pounds per week, and when my diet stoped producing results i use vpx meltdown, i love it, i just miss the jitters everyone hates. Great stuff, the liquid isnt bad either.

  • CuteG says:

    This is the Original Formula FORZA T5 Max Strength.

    Forza T5 Maximum Strength with Pure Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients.

    Forza T5 Maximum Strength are an effective Fat Burner/Slimming tablet providing you with an additional energy boost for when you workout. They are Thermogenic Fat Burners which means you burn more calories with no effort. If you are combining the T5 Maximum Strength with working out then you will have noticeable results in weight loss and with the added energy, you will also see an improvement in your strength.

    Benefits of Forza T5 Maximum Strength:

    –The Best Slimming Tablets
    –Appetite Suppressant
    –Thermogenic Effect
    –Maximum Fat Burning and Weight Loss
    –Helps Maintain Muscle While Dieting
    –Increases Metabolism
    –Dramatically Boosts Energy

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